Uncategorized Perfection begins with the team

October 15, 2020

Unless there is a passion for the work we do, the desire to achieve perfection is unlikely to happen. At Bahrain Al Arabi that passion is something that each and every one of our almost 150 people, across Bahrain and Dubai, share. And in this article, it’s something that we want to share with you. 

Our people are carefully selected. They undergo tests and training to constantly improve and deliver high quality work. But, right from the word go, we seek out people with passion.

Our selection process is rigorous. Al Arabi has an agent in the across Asian countries that actively sources talents based on a list of demanding requirements that a potential employee needs to meet. The process, of course covers technical ability and competence. The potential employee has to complete tests to prove that they are capable of doing the job. They are required to send a video on how they do the carving or painting to prove their competence. So when we select an employee we need to see their hands-on ability. While we watch the videos, we can see if the applicant really loves what he does. This is demonstrated clearly in the way the craftsperson handles his work, his touch, his eye. Here is where we detect that potential for passion.

After acceptance, each new employee receives in-house training in Bahrain for 1 – 3 months, depending on their skill levels, familiarity with the various machines, etc. They work with a team leader and then once their training is completed, they can start to work alone. There is an evolutionary period of six months for each new employee. After which they are re-assessed and assigned projects at which they excel. 

Our engineers, architects, and technical staff are hired after a strict screening process. We ensure that they are all well qualified from recognised institutions and with specialisation and experience in our field. Also, every time there is a new update to any of the software in use, they are given training to ensure that their knowledge and understanding of the capability of the machines they handle is always up-to-date. 

So, we are sure that with 150 staff across our offices, with an accumulated experience of 150 years we can be 100% sure of our capability of delivering perfection.

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