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June 30, 2020

At Bahrain Al Arabi International Decoration, our desire is to never rest until we achieve perfection. That’s why we keep pushing our boundaries and raising the bar – whether it’s for the finest details in our artistic panels or state-of-the-art equipment for achieving precision.


We are pleased to announce that Al Arabi has recently acquired a highly sophisticated conveyer system to produce Flat GRG panel boards of 1000 x 600 mm that could be used either fortraditional applications or mechanically with screws. It also manufactures 600×600 mm acoustictiles to be applied on standard profiles to deliver enhanced soundproofing and sound control. These are ideal for interior ceilings in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools and even inhome theatres, music rooms, and bedrooms. Whether protecting an inside room from an outside noise, or noise proofing an inside space. The 600X600 acoustic panels can be produced in many different models and designs to suit particular décor and application needs.


The 1000×600mm tiles are perfect for creating the large monolithic joint-less look that architects and clients find particularly aesthetic. All our GRG panels are classified as A0 i.e. Zero, under the international ASTE84 standard. They are also non-combustible. In the unlikely event of a fire, Al Arabi gypsum panels will not permit the flame to spread and, what’s more are rated at index 0 for smoke development.*


When considering quality, at Al Arabi we have already conducted a number of tests, not only for non-combustibility. Our quality control measures cover a range of other evaluations like flexural and strength tests to ensure durability, physical strength, and ease of installation among otherbenefits.*


Another new equipment that we have acquired is an automatic palletizing and wrapping machine. This means that our tiles – of all sizes – can be professionally and carefully wrapped, packed and delivered. Deliveries are undertaken GCC-wide and can be made direct to our clients’ project sites, their warehouses, or stores while maintaining the pristine condition of all the panels.



For enquiries and details customers may contact us directly.


* Test results and technical submissions can be made on request to clients as we have already conducted the tests and the results are readily available.


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