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July 28, 2020

In the pursuit of perfection, Al Arabi uses the best materials and tools. In our previous article, we talked about our new state-of-the-art equipment, now wed like to inform you about our top-quality materials. We are pleased to announce that we are the approved manufacturers and installers in the GCC for Jesmonite AC100, AC730, AC830 & Flex metals. All these have been used in palaces, hotels, malls and residential buildings over the last 12 years.


One of the most chameleonic materials, Jesmonite, has become the go-to material for designers and artists looking for an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional building materials or resin-based products. The original compound, an acrylic-modified gypsum composite, offered an eco-friendly and safe alternative to fiberglass and a lightweight substitute to cast concrete and traditional stone. It has since been developed into a range of bespoke products and their specialist engineers and lab technicians are constantly looking to innovate in terms of durability, resilience, and sustainability, by improving methods and combining experience with new technology.


Jesmonite is a two-part system that, when mixed, can be used to create laminated structures or cast pieces. Depending on the end-product, various components can be added to further expand the palette of finishes.


General properties that apply to all materials:Solvent free No VOCs Fire resistant Lightweight, Impact resistant Moisture resistant Weather resistance Dimensionally Stable Internal & External applications


Jesmonite AC100/200/300/400 are acrylic based composite materials suitable for decorative casting and glass reinforced laminations.  We use these for our most demanding clients because they deliver a superior cast with glass reinforcement. Ideal for: ceiling features, cornices, skirtings, column claddings, feature walls, wall paneling, impact zones, swimming pools, and winter gardens.


AC730 is a rapid setting acrylic modified cement composite. It is chemically compensated against shrinkage and has low permeability. More efficient than limestone as it can be cast, is lighter and more durable as it is reinforced with glass fibers. Properties include: Reduced efflorescence Less variation than real stone Can be pigment-controlled.


AC830 is the perfect alternative to the standard GRC- Glass Reinforced Concrete – but offers the advantages of properties like lamination thus reducing the weight of the panels. Ideal for: latticework mushrabiyyahs, cornices, column claddings, and balusters.


Jesmonite Flex Metal Gel Coats are made of a 2-component material supplied in 4 different finishes, Bronze, Silver, Brass and Copper. They can be applied to any kind of molds. The final result is stunning and looks like a beautiful metal cast. Benefits include: Aesthetic & Practical, Real metallic finishes. More cost effective in comparison to traditional cast metal Internal & External applications: ceiling features, feature walls, artworks and decorative pieces. Metallic surfaces can be polished, waxed, sealed or have a patina applied just like real metal.

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